Company Name: Spikey U
Company Number: 12475295
Registered Office Address: 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
P: 0800-702-2625
Z:  ZoomMe

At Spikey U we are fully committed to deliver products and services of assured quality to our customers. The three pillars of our business are Collaboration, Quality and Delivery. Form our experience we know that mutual trust and respect, transparency and extra support are necessarily  for Efficient Collaboration. Spikey U Delivery Unit is dedicated to support efficient collaboration. 
The Quality starts with our Quality Management System  certified and the quality audit is integral part of everything we do. We benefit greatly from our staff experience  and expertise but when it is justified we use external reputable consultancy or sub-contractor. The Quality aboard is dedicated to ensure the we have market intelligence, individual expertise  and provide professional development to deliver  services and products  of consistently high quality within given constraints  including but not limited to financial constraints.
The Delivery is essential for our success, the Head of Spikey DU is IBM certified Enterprise  Design Thinking Practitioner, has yet to find time to open the research titled  ‘outstanding teaching: teaching backwards’ but fully focused on delivery The Teaching For Robust Understanding Framework, implementing zero trust approach by IBM  to ensure we have the right infrastructure and the state of art hardware(Mac Book Pros, Mac Mini Or iPads  powered by M1 or A12 Bionic chip), the state of art software  the Creative Cloud All Apps including 5 web sites hosted for free by Adobe and Zoom pro licence, and the state of art development  JotForms Enterprise platform to enjoy scalable both holistic and assured quality solutions delivery powered by synergy. 
Spikey U, Specialist Maths School for responsible learners of all abilities, backgrounds and ages to master Maths of their choice when they are ready, says The Head of Spikey U,  Dr. Inna Vasileva.
Spikey U is School of Business for Digital Era powered by Theory Of Active System by Dr. Vladimir Burkov and founded by students of Professor Sergey Barkalov, Professor Alexander Baev, Professor Boris Sadovsky. a student and co-author of a famous mathematician, Dr. Mark Krasnoselskij, says The Head of Spikeyn DU, Dr. Vladimir Portnyh.
Fun Facts 
Inna and Vladimir know each other since 1991 when they shared the same desk in The College Number One learning to understand mathematics.  Inna is brilliant and in 1993 she was awarded the Gold Medal for academic achievements but Vladimir nearly lost his Silver Medal at the same graduation ceremony. Inna has completed her research thesis to be awarded Ph.D in Mathematics and Science.  Vladimir trusted his mom to collect his Ph.D  diploma on this occasion and his degree appears to be equivalent to Ph.D. in Computer sciences(Australia)  or Ph.D. in Finance (EU) but he says it is in Mathematical Modelling of Assured Quality or TAS by Vladimir. It appears  that name Vladimir enables active creativity, Vladimir Lenin and Vladimir Zelenskij are known for their creativity on a state scale. 
The Challenge: £1000 
Can you identify the authors of the following two famous quotes suggested by Inna and Vladimir:
‘Мастерство решения математических задач на означает что вы понимаете математику» 
«Самая сложная задача в мире это убедить своих коллег в том  что они свободны, и они могли бы в этом убедиться сами если бы уделили этому совсем немного  времени. Почему это так тяжело?» 
For a chance to double up and get £2000 you need to identify correctly for each quote above if Inna or Vladimir submitted it.
Spikey U Quality Management  System 
Spikey U Quality Policy. 
Spikey U Title Page Policy
Spikey U Business Plan 
Spikey U 
Spikey U Quality Audit Register 
Spikey U Privacy Policy 
Spikey U Code of Ethical Conduct
Spikey  U Control Of Documented Information Policy
Spikey DU Documentation Register 
Spikey U Business Ground Rules
Spikey U Business Assessment Procedure and Risk Management Policy.
Spikey U The Role of Internal verifier, The Vice Chair
Spikey U The Role of External verifier: The Chair 
Spikey U Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
Spikey U Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Policy
Spikey U Quality Audit Policy and Feedback Procedure 
Spikey U Fees and Invoicing Policy
Spikey U Appeals Policy
Spikey U Complaints Policy
Spikey U Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
Spikey U Learner Induction Policy 
Spikey U Validity Policy 
Spikey U  Flexible Assessment Policy
Spikey U External Assessment and Invigilation Requirements
Spikey U Individual Learner’s Record Register
Spikey U Customer Services and Products Quality Audit  Register
Spikey U Product Development Request Policy
Spikey U Supplier Selection Procedure
Spikey U External Sub Contractor Policy
Spikey U Sub Contractor Quality Audit Policy
Spikey U Procedure for the Approval of New Service or Product including Assessment Materials.
Spikey U Procedures for the Security of Assessment Materials
Spikey U  Process for Managing the Withdrawal of Approval
Spikey U Malpractice and Maladministration Policy
Spikey U Conflicts of Interest Policy
Spikey U Interested Parties and Business Requirements Register
Spikey U Staff Requirements, Competence,  CPD and Current Vacancies Register
Spikey U Staff Induction, Performance Evaluation and End of Service Policy
Spikey U Contracts and Terms of Reference Register 
Spikey U  Resources Register 
Certificate of Registration for a UK Design
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